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STABILINE®Power Conditioners

The CRA series of Power Conditioners correct input voltage fluctuations over a wide spectrum, and provide common-mode and transverse-mode noise attenuation through the use of a copper multi-shielded isolation transformer and an exclusive Superior Electric LC filter network. With an operational efficiency of 95%, all models also feature extremely low harmonic distortion and are insensitive to the magnitude and power factor of the load so they can be used with nearly any load, even those with high inrush currents. That makes the CRA Series the inexpensive choice for providing maximum power conditioning in standard power ratings from 12 to 33 kVA single phase and 10 to 125 kVA three phase.

Portable Power Conditioners utilize ferroresonant design technology to provide protection from noise, spikes, transients and brownouts. The key to its performance is the energy storing properties of the isolated and saturated transformer/capacitor network which provide regulation, isolation, noise rejection and 3 milliseconds of ride-through capability. STABILINE® Power Conditioners are available in 110 to 1800 VA models.


  • Cash Registers
  • Digital Scales
  • Point of Sale (POS) Terminals

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