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Variable Transformers

Variable Transformers provide excellent power regulation with negligible variation in output voltage from no-load to full-load current. They provide a simple, rugged method of controlling electrical voltage, current and power.


Automatic Voltage Regulators

Maintain constant voltage to your equipment, even when the input voltage and system load vary widely. The Limited Range coil design allows for substantially higher current and power ratings without increasing unit size or weight.


Lighting Controls

All dimmers are continuously adjustable transformers that regulate light intensity by controlling the voltage applied to the lamps. Producing any desired lighting intensity from complete darkness to full brightness.


Surge Protective Devices

Designed for virtually any commercial or industrial environment where protection of mission critical equipment can be provided for at the service entrance and/or branch panel.


Electrical Connectors

These connectors are designed to provide safe, rapid and positive panel-board electrical connections.


Power Conditioners

Utilize ferroresonant design technology to provide protection from noise, spikes, transients and brownouts. Units available in 110 to 1800 VA models.


Automatic Bus Transfer Switches

ABT models automatically transfer from one power source to a second source should the first fail outside of specification.


Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Available in a variety of technologies: true regenerative on-line, line interactive-sign wave output and line interactive-simulated sign wave output.