Plastic Bearings for Better Performance


Thomson Nyliner轴承为各种应用中的设计问题提供了精确的,性价比的解决方案。一些独特的应用包括汽车制动器和离合器踏板组件,打印机盒,液压缸,齿轮电动机和卡车悬架。


Advanced Thin Wall Construction
Thomson Nyliner's state-of-the-art injection-molding technology gives bearings the dimensional tolerance necessary for precise fits. Thin wall bearings promote efficient heat transfer, high speed, and cost savings. This thin wall construction is especially effective in preventing heat build-up which reduces the potential for bearing failure. It is important that heat easily transfers through the shaft axis and housing to decrease friction and wear on the bearing.

Unique Compensation Gap
All Thomson Nyliner standard bearings feature the unique compensation gap. With this built-in axial slot, the diameter of the bearing can adjust to variations in temperature and humidity.

Thomson Nyliner Engineering Polymers
Our exclusive blends of quality thermoplastics and unique additives are tough, resilient, water-resistant plastics. TEP materials boast low coefficients of friction and require little or no lubrication. Also, they are virtually unaffected by alkalines and dilute acids, detergents, alcohol or organic solvents. Bearings made of TEP outperform in hostile environments that destroys ordinary plastics or corrode metal.

Featured Products


Straight sleeve bearings provide high radial and static load capacity in applications with limited space. Thomson Nyliner also offers straight sleeve bearings with a carbon steel outer sleeve. This added feature gives standard straight sleeve bearings a guard against mildly corrosive environments. Straight sleeve bearings are designed for applications where press fitting into a housing bore is the most practical bearing retention method.ld乐动

Flanged Bearings | Thomson Nyliner

Flanged Bearings

Thomson Nyliner offers flanged sleeve bearings for applications with both axial and radial loads. Flanges provide plain sleeve bearings with more secured retention for standard sleeve bearings. Flanged bearings also offer benefits such as dampened vibration and resistance to high impact.Learn more »

Double Flanged Bearings | Thomson

Double Flanged Bearings

Double flanged bearings are designed with a flange on each end for easy installation in thin plates. Paired with Thomson Nyliner's unique compensation gap, this bearing is constructed for positive bearing retention. Additionally, Thomson Nyliner designed one flange larger than the other for more intense thrust loads.Learn more »